Thursday, May 27, 2010

Download Free DIWUG SharePoint eMagazine, Second Edition

Dutch Information Worker User Group’s first edition of SharePoint eMagazine was a big success with over 8700 downloads (April 2010). And now DIWUG presents second edition of SharePoint eMagazine. Download your copy and enjoy.


In this issue:

Web Content Management the SharePoint Server 2010 way -
Waldek Mastykarz
Themes in SharePoint 2010 -
Wictor Wilen
Suggestions for Social and Search in SharePoint 2010 -
Andries den Haan
Community Kit for SharePoint Development Tools Edition -
Wes Hackett
How to manage your Feature Lifecycle using Feature Versioning -
Anders Rask
Architecting Service Applications -
Octavie van Haaften
Incorporating External Data in SharePoint 2010 using WCF -
Raghavan Ramadurai

and a SharePoint Comic by Dan Lewis

Download Links:

Download Full Version, 14.7 MB

Download eReader Version 4.7 MB

SharePoint eMagazine, 2nd Edition at DIWUG

SharePoint eMagazine, 1st Edition at SDN

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