Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Configure profile synchronization in SharePoint Server 2010

Profile synchronization in SharePoint Server 2010 can be done by following these steps. Before setting up synchronization connection, it is necessary to start User Profile service and User Profile Synchronization Service in "Manage Services on server" in "System Settings" category in Central Administration site. To set up a user profile synchronization connection do the following,

1. In Central Administration Site, go to Application Management.


2. In Service Applications Category, go into Manage service application.


3. In services list, click on User Profile Service Application.


4. In Synchronization category, go into Configure Synchronization Connections.


5. Click on Create New Connection. It will bring you on connection configuration page.


6. Fill the required fields and click Populate Containers button.


7. Click OK button. If it brings you an error screen having error "MOSS MA not found.", it means Forefront Identity Manager Service in not running on this server.


8. Click Back button of your browser, It will bring you back on the connection setting page. If you click the link "Go back to site" link on error page, it will bring you to Application Management page.

9. Go into Services from Start -> All Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Services.


10. Double click on Forefront Identity Manager Service and start it.


11. After starting Forefront Identity Manager Service, fill out connection configuration page's required field, populate containers and click OK, you will see a page showing processing of the task.


12. After processing, it will bring you on Synchronization connections page where you will see you connection available in the connection list.


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